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Adopt a School Nutrition Program

Dean Howard, President of CBA Canada believes that investing in the culture at the office will achieve more to the success of a business than focusing only on the bottom line.  CBA Canada CBA Canadarecently reached out into the community in search of local organizations that would be appropriate to align their corporate and staff philanthropy efforts regarding fundraising and volunteering.  Once the decision was made to align with Nutrition for Learning a urgent need at one of the local schools for volunteer support appeared and CBA Canada quickly jumped right in and expedited a schedule of CBA Canada volunteers to assist the program delivery and fast-tracked applications, police checks and had volunteers in the program serving the children within a very short period.


“Part of the family culture at CBA Canada is the opportunity to have feel good moments while giving back to the community” Dean Howard, President CBA Canada.  Our employees believe everyone in local Waterloo Region schools should have access to the food they need (for any reason they need it) with a universal access nutrition program ensuring equity for all, and are willing to work together to achieve that access.