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Hendrix Genetics, an animal genetics company based in Waterloo Region, is committed to giving back to the communities in which their employees live and work. In 2016 Hendrix Genetics decided to revamp their yearly community giving campaign and investigated new partners. The goal was to seek out partners that held similar values around the importance of nutritious food and that offered both volunteer and financial contribution options. This led them to partner with Nutrition for Learning (Waterloo) and Food and Friends (Guelph).

The giving campaign lasted approximately 1 month with Hendrix Genetics and employee pledges totalling more than $68,000. Over one hundred and twenty employees chose to donate and many expressed an interest in volunteering their time. This high level of engagement speaks to the value of these community partners as well as the eagerness of Hendrix Genetics employees to support the health and development of children in our local community.

The Board and staff of Nutrition for Learning are thrilled to have so many committed supporters at Hendrix Genetics and would like to express their sincere appreciation to everyone involved.

If you are interested in developing your own employee program or fundraiser to support Nutrition for Learning’s work please email info@nutritionforlearning.ca or call 519-624-5744.

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